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Employee Complaint Handling Portal (ECHP) is a platform which allows all junctionites to voice their opinion regarding their experience, grievance, suggestions and feedback on any aspect related to any support function within the organisation. The benefits of using this platform are : Cross functional requirements can be submitted in a structured manner You will receive a time line by which your problem will be solved. Your reporting head will also be apprised of the problem that you are facing and the solution of the same. The system provides a sure shot method of resolution of your problems as it is routed through the concerned person in each department, and also to the highest authority if required. The system allows you to submit the complaint more than once till the time that you are satisfied. This platform is dedicated to meet your requirements and is managed by trained manpower from each Functional Unit. Please use this platform whenever you feel the need to do so.

The Customer Complaint Handling Portal is a hosted customer care application from MJunction Services Limited.
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